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Toddlers at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Senior Toddlers

2.5 Years - 4 Years

Further development of the children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills is encouraged and planned for in this age group.


The routine offers a balance of structured and free exploration which includes a focus on fine motor, construction, creative arts, music and movement and language and literature. A continuation of toilet training is strongly encouraged and assistance is provided to children where required.


This will be implemented in partnership with the family to assist the child to reach this milestone.

Toddlers at play in the outdoor space World Tower Child Care in Sydney's CBD

Balanced daily program

 Intentional teaching and child-directed learning are the foundation of the program

Outdoor play area World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Spacious outdoor
play area

 Beautifully designed terrace consisting of natural outdoor play areas, engineered with children's fun, safety and privacy in mind. This unique feature allows children the opportunity to enjoy real outdoor play in the heart of the CBD.

Early Child Educator at World Tower Child Care

Toilet training and social development

Introducing toilet training in conjunction with parents and supported by educators


“We have loved the care and attention the Educators have given our children during their formative years when, at times, they spent more time there than with their parents! We appreciate the retention rate of the Educators and know that this is the key to an excellent child care centre.”

EMILY - Parent

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