Child enjoying learning experiences at World Tower Child Care

Junior  Toddlers

18 Months — 2.5 Years

Early independence is promoted and encouraged for each child while focussing on scaffolding the development of self-help skills. A separate outdoor area also ensures children of this age can freely explore their learning environment with peers of their age, whilst further developing their awareness of their natural surrounds.

Forstering Early Independence at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Fostering early independence

 A holistic approach promotes the development of all developmental domains.

Dedicated outdoor area at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Dedicated outdoor area

 Further developing gross motor skills through play and fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Structured daily program at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Structured daily program

Balanced Teacher guided experiences amongst child directed learning.

“ What an amazing place!  The carers were wonderful with the kids. Our son Ethan  learned so much, made many friends and laughed lots, which prepared him for BIG school. ”


Pre toddlers learning environment World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD