Playtime at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD


6 Weeks  - 18 Months 

 Caters for individualised routines, providing consistency between the home and centre environment for young babies. Families will advise our educators of their child’s home routine and this will be followed as closely as possible.


The spacious indoor environment considers the developmental needs of each baby, allowing for areas to be set up with their milestones and individual goals as the foundation.


A designated sleep room adjacent to the play room will ensure the children can be closely monitored during their sleep periods. 


An outdoor play area specifically designed for this age group is located near the main playground. This ensures the children are provided with the opportunity to take part in daily gross motor experiences while exploring the natural environment

Games and puzzles reat learning at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Flexibility for your child in our Nursery

 We work to provide consistency between home and centre environment in a dedicated room to meet their needs.

Child playing at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Dedicated outdoor  play area

Specifically designed for early gross motor and sensory awareness

Smaller group sizes at World Tower Child Care

Small group size to foster engagement

 Children closely engage with our Nursery educators to develop a sense of belonging in their environment.

“ What an amazing place!  The carers were wonderful with the kids. Our son Ethan  learned so much, made many friends and laughed lots, which prepared him for BIG school. ”