Pre School Child at World Tower Child Care

Pre -School

4 Years - 6 Years

 Specifically catering for children in the important year before commencing school, The Transition to School program is designed to equip them with the essential skills required in their future schooling years.


Our Transition to School program is based on the Department of Education's Transition to School Statement which promotes a child-centre approach and aims to provide continuity of learning between early childhood services and kindergarten. This program has a focus on social and emotional skills along with an introduction to basic literacy and numeracy.


Extra curricular activities are offered throughout the year, including languages, yoga, soccer and dance programs. These are aimed to enhance the daily program and are implemented in smaller groups to ensure each child has focussed attention throughout these experiences.

Learning opportunities at World Tower Child Care

Designated learning space

 Daily implementation of the Transition to School program in a well-equipped learning space catering specifically for children the year before school.

Pre Schoolers enjoying outdoor play

Child-centred learning space

 Each child is encouraged to reach their goals at their own pace, in their own way.

Pre School Educator at World Tower Child Care

Balanced structure to enhance learning

 Flexibility in the daily curriculum allows for both structured and spontaneous learning to be explored through play.

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Pre - School Program

Designed to equip your child with the tools and skills to successfully transition into school life