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Pre School Child at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Pre -School

4 Years - 6 Years

A School Readiness Program is implemented each day and planned in accordance to the children’s interest and goals, with a focus on preparation for school. This ensures children are equipped with the necessary skills for primary school in the following year.

Early childhood education learning opportunities at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Designated learning space

 Daily implementation of the Transition to School program in a well-equipped learning space catering specifically for children the year before school.

Pre Schoolers enjoying outdoor play at World Tower Child Care in Sydney's CBD

Child-centred learning space

 Each child is encouraged to reach their goals at their own pace, in their own way.

Pre School Educator at World Tower Child Care

Balanced structure to enhance learning

 Flexibility in the daily curriculum allows for both structured and spontaneous learning to be explored through play.

Early childhood education pre shool room at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

School Readiness Program

Our School-Readiness Program is led by our long standing and highly qualified educators including a university qualified early childhood teacher. They provide an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, engage with peers and build self-confidence within the framework of play based enquiry.

Set within long day-care hours, our daily program provides for each child with an individually tailored learning plan focused on their personal interests and in developing the skills for success at school and well beyond


Languages are incorporated into the daily program through the implementation of ELLA – a digital language program which is an Australian government initiative. It aims at introducing the words, sentences and songs in other languages for children in the year before school.


Our preschool children are introduced to the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through planned and spontaneous activities. This aims to create problem solvers, explorers, creative thinkers while building resilience. Some examples of STEM experience include cooking, robotics technology, natural exploration and construction.

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