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early childhood eductaion with a child reading a book at World Tower Child Care Sydney CBD

Pre -School Program

Early childhood experts agree, the Pre-School stage is one of the most significant in terms of children’s cognitive, physical and emotional development. That is why in the year before your child goes to school they join our transition to school Pre -School Program, which is designed to help children to be ready for their schooling years ahead.

Our Pre-School Program is led by our long standing and highly qualified educators including a university qualified early childhood teacher. They provide an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, engage with peers and build self-confidence within the framework of play based enquiry.

As a premium education centre we take pride in delivering high quality Pre-School curriculum that focuses upon the development of academic competence, creative problem solving, decision-making skills, independence and a life-long passion for learning.

Set within long day-care hours, our daily program provides for each child with an individually tailored learning plan focused on their personal interests and in developing the skills for success at school and well beyond.


World Tower Pre-School Program key focus areas:

  • Solid academic platforms including introduction to literacy and numeracy skills

  • Building social maturity and emotional strengths

  • Developing independent inquiry and creative problem solving abilities

  • Introducing memory and concentration skills

  • A focus on motor skills and physical coordination

  • Healthy habits including hygiene, nutrition and wellbeing

  • Creating independence and strong self-esteem

“ What an amazing place!  The carers were wonderful with the kids. Our son Ethan  learned so much, made many friends and laughed lots, which prepared him for BIG school. ”


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