How are we COVID safe?


At World Tower Child Care, the health and wellbeing of our children, families and educators is paramount. Our service has embedded COVID safe measures into our daily practices to ensure we can maintain a safe environment whilst continuing to provide high quality care and education to your children.


Covid Safe Policy

Our Covid Safe policy is now in place and has been specifically designed to guide and support our educators and families during these uncertain times. Much like our Illness policy, it highlights the importance of hygiene and ensuring children remain at home if unwell. It also includes specific COVID safe measures such as:


  • If children or their family members are advised to get tested for COVID-19, children are not permitted to return to the service until a negative result has been confirmed. A copy of the results must be provided to us prior to returning.


  • When dropping off or collecting children from our service, we ask that only parents enter our premises. Where children are being dropped off or collected by someone other than their parent, only one adult is permitted to enter.


  • Parents are requested to take their children to wash their hands upon arrival to the service each day.


Limited Access

As per our Covid policy, we are limiting unnecessary access into our service at drop off and collection times. Deliveries will be arranged to ensure that couriers do not enter the service and exchange of goods is contactless. Incursions have been temporarily rearranged through online learning. Work placement students undertaking studies specific to early childhood have also been temporarily postponed.


We kindly request parents wear masks at pick and drop off, children under the age of 12 are exempt.


Social Distancing

Educators are required to social distance where possible and encouraged to continue to practice such measures whilst outside of working times. Parents are asked to ensure they maintain a safe physical distance from each other and from educators.


Hand Sanitiser Provided

We encourage the use of hand sanitiser and ask families to sanitise their hands prior to entering and leaving our service. Educators have access to sanitiser at all times of the day.


Keeping Families Informed

As changes arise, including our responsibilities as a service and as individuals in maintaining a COVID safe environment, such information is communicated quickly and effectively to our educators and families which will ensure we can continue to play our part in keeping each other safe.


Working With Our Community Members

We continue to work in collaboration with NSW Health and the Department of Education and Communities to ensure our responsibilities are transparent and communicated across our team of educators and families.