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World Tower Child Care Staff and Children Sydney CBD

Long Day Care & Early Education

A special family environment in the Sydney CBD

Long day & casual daycare & early childhood education in the Sydney CBD for 6 weeks to 6 years

The Play Fair Holiday Fee Waiver

Don't pay childcare fees whilst you on a family holiday, it's just not fair. Affording family holidays and getting the break busy families need is easy with our Play Fair Holiday Fee Waiver. It is really just.. fair!

Playing in Sand

Need flexibility? Half days? We offer long & casual care

Caring professional educators at world tower childcare

A long standing team of qualified and experienced educators offering a quality curriculum to provide your child the best start in their early education.

Learning spaces at world tower childcare

 Expansive indoor and outdoor spaces creates a safe and enriching environment in the CBD.

Part of your family at World Tower Child Care

 Extended operating hours, casual care, holiday packages, chef-prepared meals, included activities and much more.


“Our child attended World Tower for 4 years and we have absolutely loved the service they provide. The quality of care is second to none and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it."

— Amanda

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