World Tower have been amazing and very supportive throughout our journey. Our child has special needs and has been at the centre from the Koalas room all the way through to the Crocodiles. WTCC always did their best to accommodate the additional needs we required and were very understanding if we needed to swap days due to other commitments/medical appointments. We had therapists attend on a regular basis during care and they went out of their way to isolate a space for therapy to occur without any interruptions which I was really appreciative of as there are not many centres out there that would do this. Thank you for all your support over the years and I highly recommend this childcare to anyone looking for long day care and a safe wonderful place for their child”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Daniella

“We’re so happy with World Tower. They take such good care of our daughters in every respect – environment, emotional support, food, physical support and education.

The staff are friendly and dedicated and they all know our kids’ names even if they have never looked after them personally. The centre is great at communicating and involving parents in the day to day, which allows us to be confident our kids are in great hands.”

– Jemilah

“We would like to thank the staff of World Tower Child Care for their care of our three children over the last 9 years.

Your wonderful staff, and the children are truly at the heart of WTCC. Your recruitment processes must be second to none to fine the cast of amazing people who are like an extended family for our children. Their passion, sense of fun, and genuine care for the children really makes WTCC such a special place.

WTCC has a beautiful balance of energy, calm and love and it is always a pleasure to arrive at the centre, with the children and parents being so warmly welcomed.

The care provided by WTCC staff is specially tailored to each child’s physical, psychological and social needs. My three children are all so different. The staff have provided each with fabulous individualised care. It is such a pleasure to observe, and we sometimes learn a thing or two about how we can better parent our children!

The food and the kitchen staff are second to none. As a physician, I know how important a varied and balanced diet is, especially for growing bodies and minds. I have been impressed by what is offered in the nutrition department, and what an important value is placed on mealtimes, not only from a nutritional perspective, but also how important these times are for social engagement.

WTCC is so conveniently located, which has made it a perfect choice for us, living and working in and near the city. 


While we have never had to use WTCC’s innovative 24 hour care option, it has been a comfort at several points in our family’s sometimes unpredictable life to know that that option is there. WTCC’s community work has also been incredibly appreciated. It has also been so generous in providing practical support to a charity working with children with low vision with which I am involved.

To sum up, WTCC goes above and beyond in every domain and provides superlative care. My husband and I would like to thank the centre for the important part if has played in our family over a cumulative period of over ten years.”

                                                                                                                                                                              – Dr. Shari

“What an amazing place! Our son Ethan was here full time for 2.5 years and loved it. The carers were wonderful with the kids. He learned so much, made many friends and laughed lots, which prepared him for BIG school. We will definitely miss everyone here.”

– Georgie

“It wasn’t until we moved to a new day care that we realised just how professionally World Tower is run. Not only are the staff lovely on a personal level, they are extremely professional and it is clear they know how to handle situations, they are confident with the children and their job is a vocation, not just something they are doing to fill in a gap.

My husband and I feel confident that our son is receiving care, attention and is having fun. Even if the staff in the morning aren’t from my son’s room they know his name, they give him a warm welcome and know exactly what to do to settle him in.

I really like the staff at World Tower!”                                                                                                                                                      – Kate

“Both my son’s attend World Tower Child Care with my eldest attending for nearly three years. I cannot recommend the Centre highly enough. Both children enjoy going and the daily activities are well suited to their age.

There is little staff turnover – some of the staff have been around since we began attending. Staff are attentive, and in my experience, any parent concerns are addressed quickly.

The opening/closing hours are an additional bonus for us. Suggestions are welcomed by Centre management and almost encouraged with the Suggestion Box seated next to the sign-in register.

There is a daily newsletter which I love receiving and a yearly program of activities including Mother’s Day photo session, Easter parade, Christmas party, and dress up for holidays including St Patrick’s Day.

I’m glad my youngest has another few years of attending!”                                                                                                              – Debbie

“Thank you all so much for your hard work this year. You have all been wonderful in helping our child develop not only the educators in her room, but all of the educators and support staff.

Our child will miss their teachers that are moving to a new room this year (I have explained that they will still be there, they will just be looking after the wombats) but is happy to have new educators next year.”

– Larran and Adam

“My daughter has attended World Tower Childcare since she was a baby (now 4) and we all absolutely love it there, the educators are amazing and Ella has formed great relationships with them. T


he outdoor area is awesome, great equipment, also they often have shows or educational experiences at no additional cost. I highly recommend World Tower Child Care.”

– Marnie

“I cannot speak more highly of World Tower Childcare. As a parent, deciding on the place that you are going to send your child is an enormous decision. One that you give a great deal of thought to.

My son has been at World Tower for two years now and I have been incredibly impressed with the care and attention shown to him from day one. From the variety of programs each week, to the attention given to each child, quality of the facilities and food, and the professionalism of each one of the teachers.

I have been very happy with my decision to send our child to World Tower.”                                                                                         – Sarah

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