Our school readiness program is implemented each day in the Preschool room for children who will be moving on to Primary school the following year.


As part of this program we endeavour to develop the children’s abilities and skills to help support them to be successful in their transition into formal schooling.

During this program, a strong focus is placed upon your child's ability to:

  • Problem solve;

  • Communicate effectively with peers and teachers i.e. communicate needs, ask and answer questions, retell stories;

  • Deal with, and solve conflict fairly;

  • Form friendships;

  • Relate to teachers;

  • Follow instructions and directions from staff;

  • Take responsibility for their own belongings;

  • Take responsibility for their own behaviours and actions;

  • Focus and not be easily distracted;

  • Work independently;

  • Share and turn take;

  • Play cooperatively to meet a common goal;

  • An awareness of rules and the reasons for them;

  • Dress themselves, ties shoe laces, use velcro or buckles, toilet independently,wipe nose, wash hands, and open own lunch and school bag;

  • Deparate from parent;

  • Sit still and concentrate;

  • Share an adults attention with other children;

  • Adapt to new environment and experiences; and

  • Display an understanding of functional print.

Suitable skills for a child to acquire before starting school:

(The following are not essential criteria in determining if a child is ready for school)

  • Can recognise own name in written format;

  • Can write own name;

  • Begins to recognise letters of the alphabet;

  • Begins to print a few letters from the alphabet;

  • Begins to recognise and print a few numbers;

  • Draws pictures with detail;

  • Sorts objects according to category;

  • Demonstrates the concept of opposites;

  • Hold writing implements using correct grip;

  • Uses scissors with safety and control;

  • Recognises shapes and colours;

  • Can finish a task and tidy up afterwards;

  • Participates in imaginative play;

  • Understands sequence of events; and

  • An awareness of road safety and stranger danger.

Parents will be updated on their child's progress throughout the year and at parent teacher meetings which are held once a year (dates are advised in advance)

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